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Delighting your customers 

Is your brand struggling to get and keep customers? Many traditional methods of digital marketing and customer loyalty are becoming ineffective, and in some cases even harmful.

We offer using games for marketing as a more effective alternative. Why annoy your customers with intrusive ads when you can delight them with a carefully targeted game?

We have used games to increase app downloads and retention, to drive positive reviews in the app store. And we can help you find a playful way to connect with your customers, to increase foot traffic, brand awareness, or sales.


Why work with Plinq?


Our games are not gimmicks; they are built for long term campaigns to build loyalty and directly affect the bottom line by getting players to visit stores and purchase products.

Our team has demonstrated success in managing large projects for big brands in the retail industry, and experience in dealing with scale, security, fraud protection and analytics.


The founders of Plinq



Herman has worked in game development since 2006.

He was the lead programmer for I-Imagine Interactive and InnovationLab, the technical director of ICE games, and has built marketing games for some of South Africa’s biggest brands, including Mini South Africa.

He has written featured articles for Gamasutra, including 50 Unity Tips (2016), and is the founder Gamelogic, GameDev Planet and Plinq.

Herman is fascinated by artificial intelligence, polyominoes, procedural generation and ways to bring down the social media industry.



With a background in psychology, Jonathan has worked in the games industry for 10 years. He started doing digital personality profiling for mytcg Technologies, then moved on to found ICE games, Gamelogic, GameDev Planet and Plinq, selling and raising funds in South Africa, Luxembourg and Chile.

He has written featured articles for Gamasutra, including Match Game Mechanics: An exhaustive survey. He is a regular host for GameDev Planet, the biggest game development community in Chile.  

Jonathan is interested in the psychology of sport and games, and the art and science of delighting customers. 


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