Advergames 101

Advergames 101 is a weekly email course that will introduce you to the concept of advergames. 

Lesson 1: What are advergames?

In this lesson, we discuss what an advergame is, the three types of advergames that you can consider making for your business and the must have features every advergame should have. We also look at the difference between gamification and using games for marketing.

Lesson 2: What can advergames do for your business?

In this lesson, we’ll explore some of the benefits advergames can have on your business, particularly as part of your marketing strategy. Advergames can increase brand awareness, engagement and participation in your promotions. Let’s find out how.  

Lesson 3: What are examples of successful advergames?

In this lesson, we highlight some of the best-known examples of advergames made by big brands. We discuss the motivation behind why these business’s decided to make an advergame and why their games were successful.  

Lesson 4: Is an advergame right for your business?

In this lesson, we look at different applications of advergames, to help you decide whether an advergame could be right for your business. We also address some common misconceptions, for example that business’s with a boring industry can’t benefit from an advergame.


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