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Herman Tulleken

Written by Herman Tulleken

 On 8/1/19 12:20 PM

 Boy sitting at computer playing games for 100 days of games for growth with Plinq

We built Plinq on the foundation that games are a unique, under-exploited medium that can be used by businesses to deliver their messages in more emotionally-provocative ways. Games can be used to boost sales, increase loyalty, and raise brand awareness. In short, games can be used to grow your business. To underscore their effectiveness, we’ll be using games to grow Plinq itself!

As a template for our growth plan, we will use the book 100 Days of Growth by Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley. This wonderful book gives 100 ideas for growing your business, ranging from simple things like making a killer email signature, to organizing a glamorous VIP event. 

One blemish of the book is that it focuses on “plain media”, that is, media that are not games.  Therefore, we will add our own playful twist to the growth tips. In some way or another, we will make each one about games. We don’t want to spoil the surprise of how this will work in each case, but here is one example to make the idea tangible: our VIP event will be a theatrical gaming night where we will astound executives with the emotional punch of our favorite games.

Person holding a bunch of pink balloons floating into a blue sky for 100 days of games for growth

From next week onward, we will more or less implement one tip each work-day (for practical reasons we will deviate slightly from the order of the book). We will post what we are doing on social media, but we also plan to explain the principles behind some of the tips on our blog. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • A/B testing in games
  • Non-digital advergames  
  • Call-to-Actions in games
  • Personal games: a game made for one person
  • Game influencers

Of course, we will also make a bunch of games for this experiment, many of which will not resemble typical advergames. To give you an idea, we’re planning a:

  • Team spotlight game
  • Elevator pitch game
  • The personal game

You will have to wait to see exactly what form these games take (in some cases, we don’t even know yet ourselves!). 

The end of the campaign is scheduled for lucky Friday the 13th of December, when we will publish a detailed case study of our campaign.

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