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Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

Written by Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

 On 8/20/19 10:26 AM

 Cartoon man playing a game on a computer showing a magical version of your brand

If your brand is too ugly for Instagram or even boring, an advergame give you the option to create a magical game world that attracts and engages even the pickiest customers. 

Once you see a magical version of a brand it all makes sense, but sometimes it can be hard to imagine how this could work for your company.  The great thing about advergames is that they can work for all industries, and keep in mind, the more boring your brand, the more you stand to gain from an advergame

Making a game for your brand means that customers can engage with you on a playful level.  The golden rule for creating a successful advergame is that it has to be FUN.  There are three things every advergame needs, but fun is the most important one.   

It may sound obvious that a video game should be fun, but you’d be surprised how many dull games have been made!  Advergames are especially prone to dullness because the brand is focused on selling their product and forgets that the key to making this form of advertising work is ensuring players actually want to play your game.

A game that’s fun will make players want to come back over and over again - skyrocketing the amount of interaction they have with your brand.  What’s 10 minutes of engagement worth to you? Do you get customers to actively engage with your brand for such an extensive period of time? If you’re like most brands, the answer is “not very often.”


Free the Fruit

Boost Juice, a smoothie company in Australia, came up with an adorable and playful advergame, Free the Fruit

Free the fruit game with mango man trying to save fruit showing how games create a magical version of your brand

Rather than just relying on Insta-worthy pictures of citrusy smoothies, they created a magical version of their brand to captivate customers.  The game garnered 300,000 downloads in the first six weeks and even managed to get 4.5/5 stars! Players couldn’t get enough of the fun - there were 3.6 million play sessions over the course of the eight week campaign.  Their first game was so popular that they came out with a second version, Find the Fruit!


Crabs & Penguins

Sticking with delicious beverages, let’s take a look at Coca-Cola’s delightful advergame, Crabs & Penguins.  The game begins with Emperor penguins playing soccer in the Antarctic, when suddenly their ball is swept up on a breeze and carried thousands of miles away to the tropics of Crab Island.  That’s where the player comes in, taking on the role of a “hero” crab who faces numerous dangers while trying to return the ball to the penguins.

Crabs and penguins game showing crab with Coca-Cola bottle showing how games create a magical version of your brand

Talk about a magical game world!  Just take a look at the beautiful and realistic graphics.  As much as we love those polar bear ad campaigns, it was refreshing to see that Coke didn’t stop there.  This advergame took their marketing game to the next level!


Cloud Slicer

When you think of a game for an airline company, what comes to mind?  Instead of going with the obvious choice of flying an airplane, Air France created the magical advergame, Cloud Slicer

Cloud Slicer game with clouds and a moon and sun showing how games create a magical version of your brand

À la fruit ninja, players swiped through clouds, but the prizes were out of this world - users were able to play and compete in the hope of winning upgrades to the newly built business classes on Air France flights. Two pilot events (pun intended!) were held in airports of Osaka and Singapore to introduce the concept before the official launch on the different application stores. 

The game was so popular that Air France released a public version to continue the fun.  Not only was Cloud Slicer magical, it was also a genius means of giving out prizes

Adding magic to your marketing strategy isn’t as hard as it may seem!  An advergame is a creative means of representing your brand that will pull customers in to the fun.  You can even add customization features so that players can personalize their experience with your brand.  Not only does personalization create an appealing player experience, it also generates highly-“shareable” images, allowing your players to promote your game - and brand - on their own!

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