What to do if your brand or products are too ugly for Instagram

Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

Written by Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

 On 7/6/19 10:21 AM


Make a game and use the images from your game instead!

Do you struggle to promote your products or brand on Instagram?  Not all industries lend themselves well to visual marketing. You can even do your brand a disservice with unappealing visuals.  So what’s a hand dryer company to do? Create an advergame, or advertising video game, and use the images from your game instead!

We should note that there are many issues with social media, which we will delve into in later posts.  At this point, however, it is somewhat of a necessary evil in order to stay relevant.  

Don’t lose hope if you have an ugly brand or product - you don’t have to be left out of the social media game anymore!  With interesting visuals and a provocative next step (play!), advergames will give you an edge over your competition.


Meet your market

Don’t miss out on the marketing opportunity available on social media (or worse, use ugly images that will get you unfollowed immediately)!  Consumers expect to see brands on Instagram, but they also demand high-quality publications.  

Don’t underestimate the power of social media platforms - Instagram reaches an incredible number of people.  There are over 1 billion monthly users and 500 million people active daily on Stories. 


Instagram is especially effective for reaching younger consumers.  Worldwide, 71% of Instagram users are under 35 years old.  It’s also a platform that allows you to reach both male and female demographics.  Of users aged 13-34, the breakdown of male and female users is nearly equal. 

Users don’t just scan their friends’ latest snaps, they also use the social media platform as a convenient, integrated way to shop.  it’s not just an occasional indulgence either - amazingly, 60% of users look for new products on Instagram.  That’s over 600 million people!  And Instagram has done its part to facilitate this trend.  As of early 2019, there’s a checkout feature built directly into the platform. 

Don’t fall behind the times - if you don’t use social media platforms, your competitors likely do.  Nowadays, 71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram.  As Jack Dorsey, inventor of Twitter and Square, said when explaining his philosophy to helping small business owners: Meet your consumers where they are.  If your customers are on social media platforms, you should be, too.  

With quality visuals, you can engage your current customers and attract new ones.

Creative connection

Video games are a perfect way to pique your customers’ interest.  Advergames are still viewed as unconventional - in the best sense.  Consumers don’t expect to be offered a fun and playful means of interacting with a company.  

You can take full advantage of visual marketing opportunities on Instagram and beyond with game graphics.  

For instance, credit cards may not be ugly, per se, but visually they’re fairly boring.  Barclays Bank decided to give their marketing a creative spin and create an advergame based on their entertaining commercial of an office worker commuting home via waterslide and using their contactless payment technology to pick up a couple of things along the way. 


Their game, Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme, was a hit!  To this day, it is likely the most downloaded branded game in history.  

The visuals from this game are much more eye-catching than plain old pictures of credit cards.  Images from video games are an attractive CTA (Call to Action) - or “ next step” for the non-marketers out there.  Want your customers to continue to interact with your brand? Give them a compelling reason to do so. Playing a game is a much more intriguing next step than simply viewing more images.

Maximize the power of advergames

Advergames that are created specifically for your brand incorporate your colors, products, even mission, thereby promoting your company seamlessly throughout the game. 

Video game graphics and gameplay have evolved greatly over the years, and advergames have reflected this progress.  

The first advergame images may not have fared too well on Instagram (though they likely still would have captured consumers’ attention simply by offering gameplay).  Current advergames, on the other hand, offer attractive, high-quality graphics that pull consumers in.


Take Crabs & Penguins, released in 2013 by Coca-Cola.  This advergame features stellar graphics, as well as entertaining gameplay.  It would be hard to resist clicking to find out more if the crab’s little face appeared on your feed.  The images are so charming you can’t help but smile - and wish this game was still available to play! 

Don’t despair if your brand or products are ugly - partner with an advergame agency and create eye-catching games that triumph on Instagram.  Embrace a unique marketing opportunity and level up your social media strategy with advergames!