Delightful advertising: how games advertise seamlessly


Written by plinq

 On 5/6/19 4:29 PM


More and more companies are trying to leverage digital advertising, and it’s leaving a bad taste in consumers’ mouths. Whenever a person is on any social media or website, they’re bound to be bombarded by digital ads. Unsurprisingly, these engagement tactics are wearing on consumers, and now, 91% of people say ads are more intrusive than 2-3 years ago.

It's not just with desktops. Digital ads are significantly harming the mobile experience, as well, 70% of consumers in one survey admitted to disliking mobile ads.

So, the bottom line is: although it can be difficult to reach consumers when there are so many companies out there using digital advertising, don't shoot yourself in the foot by disturbing consumers. Don’t make the same mistakes as the other companies.

Instead, advertise your products and services without interrupting what the consumer’s doing. By using a game to promote your brand, you’ll communicate more effectively and create a more delightful experience for the consumer. In the end, you’ll have a better educated, more satisfied customer base.

Players initiate communication


Games are uninterruptive. When a player downloads and plays your game, they’ve given your brand permission to engage with them. Rather than popping up on their social media feed and being an obstacle to what they want to see, they’ve chosen to engage with you. That's an excellent way to start a relationship!

Players are focused on your brand

When players are in your game, there’s no opportunity for other brands to intrude. In the crowded space of social media, this kind of one-on-one interaction is impossible to achieve. 77% of marketers use at least one social media site to promote their brand, you’ll just be one of the many if you go down the social media route.

But, one-on-one interaction isn’t the only benefit when it comes to player focus. Whereas many people mindlessly scroll through social media, players place their complete focus into games.

This state of complete focus was dubbed “flow” by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. A person experiences flow when they do an activity that’s challenging, but also highly enjoyable. People most commonly experience flow when they’re playing a sport or a game. When experiencing flow, the person’s fully engaged with the activity and shuts out all other thoughts and distractions. They’ll be locked in on your brand.

So, now you have a consumer who’s voluntarily initiated a relationship with your brand and is completely focused on it. You need to take advantage of that and cultivate the relationship. Luckily, games do a fantastic job at nurturing the relationship by creating a delightful educational experience that allows for continuous, effective advertising.

Build a relationship with the customer

It’s crucial to understand that not just any cheap gimmick will help you capitalize this second phase. To build a relationship with the customer and advertise effectively, you need to use a game that advertises your products naturally and keeps the player engaged longer.

Allow customers to interact with your products

In order to create the most enjoyable and effective experience for the consumer, you need to advertise your products naturally in the game. The way we like to do this is to make your products an integral part of the game's mission. Players will collect, make, or win branded products throughout the game.


When players interact with your products in a custom game, they can get a better understanding of the physical properties of the products, as well as the emotional benefits they’ll get from consuming them. They’ll be better educated and more connected to your brand.

Games connect with everyone

Anyone with a smartphone has the ability to escape to the magical world of games, and many take advantage of that. There are over 2.1 billion mobile gamers across the world because games connect with people of all kinds by making each person feel special.

Games create unique experiences

Games give players power. Players make their own decisions and have an impact on the end result. The combination of randomized game elements and freedom to decide create the reality that each player experiences a game differently. And the experience for a given player varies from session to session. This makes every second of gaming unique and entices players to keep coming back.

Other forms of media can’t have the same effect on engagement. People desire variety, so even the best video ads can’t promote long-term engagement. Once a consumer's seen your video a couple of times, they’ll lose interest in it and stop engaging with it. Then, to engage with the consumer again, you have to craft a clever new ad to capture their attention again. Make it easier on yourself by using a game as a medium of communication, you’ll have longer and more frequent engagement.

Games aren’t tied to a specific demographic


It can sometimes feel impossible to create personalized advertising and shopping experiences when your customer base is made up of people of varying demographics. Though many companies realize the importance of personalized experience, the current methods of delivering it are failing horribly. Only 22% of shoppers are satisfied with the current level of personalization they receive. You can leave this problem behind because games don’t make you choose between which group you want to create a personalized experience for.

As we mentioned before, games deliver a different experience to every player. Further leverage people’s love for personalization and allow players to customize their avatar. The players place themselves in your ad, allowing them to further identify and connect with your brand.

Where every other company is becoming increasingly more annoying with their digital advertising, you can implement a more effective, delightful approach. If you don’t innovate your digital advertising, you’re putting your customer engagement and loyalty at risk and giving your competitors the opportunity to jump ahead. Advertise your brand through a game to get a bigger, happier, and more engaged customer base.

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