How games optimize marketing campaigns

Jonathan Bailey

Written by Jonathan Bailey

 On 4/11/19 10:27 AM


The popularity of digital marketing continues rising. For example, 77% of marketers now use at least one social media channel to market their brand. The use of social media gained traction, quickly, because the first to start using it saw huge spikes in their ROI.

But, now that less than half of the marketers that use social media see ROI on their efforts, many of them are wondering what they're doing wrong.

Many believe it comes down to their social media skills or the nature of their industry ("I work in a boring industry, nobody wants to follow us"), but really, what it comes down to is a lack of optimization in their marketing efforts.

Social media, just like all marketing tactics, is not an independent entity. Social media, website, email marketing, and the other channels you're using are all intertwined, so improving one improves the rest. To increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, start tying together your mediums so that they can feed off each other and produce the awesome end-result you're looking for. 

There's one marketing tool that ties your channels together and optimizes your campaign as a whole; and the best part is, few companies have used it to its full extent. That tool is mobile games. Mobile games will optimize your campaigns because they're fun, communicate well, elicit action, and produce content for your other channels. 

Here, we’ll show you how they can optimize your marketing process!

Awareness stage content

Looking to get a higher conversion rate on your awareness stage content? Want to get people from this initial stage to continue indulging in more of your content?

If you’re like most marketers, looking at an average conversion rate of 2.5% across industries, your answer to both of these questions is yes! You should always look for ways to get people to do these two actions because it encourages them to get to know your brand on a deeper level.

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Your primary goal, then, is to get visitors to take your call to action. Your call to action moves them from that awareness stage smoothly down the marketing funnel. 

Now, listen to this idea for a call to action: “Download and play our game!”

Do you think that call to action will intrigue visitors? Yeah, you’re right it will! It's unique to almost all other marketing calls to action because it gives the consumer the chance to do something they love while getting to know your company.

And yes, a mobile game is something your consumer will love. The fact that there are over 202 million mobile game players in the U.S. speaks to that point.

So, a call to action that takes people to your game will boost your overall conversion rate. But, encouraging visitors to download and play your game isn't just a gimmick to get consumers to take action; it’s a fantastic way to inform them as well! Once they download and play your game, they'll learn more about your brand than they would've ever originally thought.

They'll learn about your brand because games are effective at increasing brand awareness! They provide a delightful, educational experience for the consumer.

Email marketing

During the conversion path, from the awareness stage content to downloading your game, you can allow an opportunity to get some basic information, including email, from the visitor. This type of information should be required, regardless, to download your mobile game (especially if it’s in your loyalty app).

And just like that, you’ve added another contact to your email marketing campaign. You can now efficiently deliver written information to the customer that you can’t include in the game.

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The great thing about having a game in your loyalty app is that people will be more likely to find your email content relevant and choose to engage with it. And adding relevant content to your email marketing efforts is invaluable, 54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate on their emails is their top priority.

The content will continue to educate the consumer about news surrounding your company and the game, including new features, updates, promotions, and products.

Social media

Your social media marketing may be the area that could improve the most by integrating a game into your marketing campaign. Do you feel like you're continually struggling to make your social media content interesting to consumers? Wouldn’t you love to have easily available, effective media, ready to post on your social media channels? 

When 77% of marketers market their brand on at least one social media channel, it can be difficult to stick out from the crowd. You’re always looking for ways to make your content intriguing enough to make people stop scrolling and pay attention to what you’re saying.

Promoting your games on social media will help you do just that! Visual assets are the single biggest content contributor when it comes to social mediaIf you post a video of your game, in action, on your social media channels, you’ll catch the eyes of passersby.

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But grabbing the consumer's attention isn't your only problem; you also need to find a way to communicate your brand’s message. Communicating your message makes the content not only entertaining, but educational as well. Because games convey your brand’s message well, a video of your game will have the same effect! And they'll learn it quicker, 60,000x quicker in video than they would from reading a text.

So, if you’re asking if games fit in your marketing campaign, the answer is a resounding yes. They’re not only powerful when standing alone, but they also strengthen the other aspects of your strategy. This innovative strategy will boost your ROI and save you from getting lost in the crowd.