Is your brand an obstacle for your customers?

Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

Written by Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

 On 7/4/19 9:20 AM


How often are you scrolling on social media, finally taking a well-deserved break, when suddenly an ad interrupts your limited downtime?  Or worse yet: you’re sneaking a look at Instagram at work and suddenly a video ad starts to play - with audio! How are you going to feel about the brand that gave you away?  

Whether you realize it or not, these types of interruptions can produce a subconscious negative association with a brand.

Now imagine that these annoying disruptions are the ads that your company is paying top dollar for, yet instead of attracting potential customers or engaging current ones, they’re obstacles getting in their way.  

With the potential for negative associations, your ads may even be working against you.    

What’s a company to do?  Think outside the advertisement box and embrace an effective means of promoting your brand that actually jives with customers - advergames!  Advergames are video games that do the marketing work for you - in a fun and entertaining way.


Give your customer control

Advergames don’t interrupt your customers’ browsing time.  Rather, your customer chooses to interact with your brand when they want.

By allowing your customer the control over when they engage with your brand, you automatically start the interaction on a positive note.  And we all know first impressions are important.


Consider how some websites allow you to choose which ad you’d like to see and/or give you the choice of watching one long ad versus various shorter ones.  These ads are more effective because you’re asked about your preferences from the get-go and given control over your experience.  You end up paying more attention to these ads because you were given agency over what you’d like to watch and when.

The same concept applies to advergames.  Your customer is choosing to play your game when it strikes their fancy - they’re not forced into playing as one is obligated to watch traditional ads.  

Not only does choice make advergames more attractive, they have much more to offer customers than traditional ads in terms of entertainment and content value.

Attract customers with fun!

So now you’re allowing your customer to interact with your brand - whenever and wherever they’d like.  This is just the first element in wowing your customers with a game.

Let’s face it, advergames are way more fun than stationary or even video ads.  

Games demand interaction on the part of your customers.  Rather than half-watching your ad, scrolling past it, or even changing the channel, games require attention and focus.  Customers are locked into your brand when they play your game.


Advergames are effective because they’re fun.  Whether spinning the virtual slots to see if chance is on their side, speeding a race car, or destroying items à la Fruit Ninja, games are entertaining! 

Your customers will love that you went out of your way to engage with them in a unique manner.  Instead of swiping past ineffective ads, your customers will have a blast playing the game you created for them! 

Creative rewards

You can use your game as a novel means of giving out prizes or discounts.  Customers are thrilled to win prizes they feel they “worked” to earn. You can make prizes more effective by offering them to advergame players!  Advergames continue to promote your brand even after you’re done giving out discounts.  Invest in a quality game, and your customers will continue to play it long after all the prizes have been awarded. 

You can also utilize one of the secret powers of the gaming world to keep your customers interested in your game: virtual goods. 


If you’re not a big gamer yourself, this next statistic may come as a bit of a shock: virtual goods are a 50 billion dollar industry!  Virtual goods are in hot demand and your advergame can take advantage of the craze!  

Bear in mind though, not all advergames are created equal.  There are different levels of advergames out there, with varying effectiveness.  The best option is an advergame that is created specifically around your brand - with your colors, products, even mission - incorporated directly into the game.  At Plinq we specialize in crafting high-quality advergames that captivate consumers.  

Stop getting in the way of your customers with traditional ads  - delight them with a game!