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 On 10/15/19 2:07 PM

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We are all familiar with influencers — whether on social media or television, their public opinions help to shape what we think and do on a daily basis. When we think of branded games, it’s easy to think that they wouldn't apply to influencers — after all, their most powerful platform is social media, right? Not necessarily.

How can games be useful to influencers?

It's true that social media is the main tool of most influencers, though as people start to use social media less than before, social media alone is not enough. It’s essential that influencers start to diversify the platforms on which they promote themselves in order to continue growing their following. Games allow influencers to extend their reach outside of social media, capturing those who don't use social media, as well as those who are logging-on less.

Kim Kardashian has done something similar with her game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This game is more of a licensed game than an advergame, since her popularity undoubtedly influenced the success of the game itself — learn more about what makes an advergame in our post on the topic. That being said, the game has allowed Kim to promote her brand outside of her usual channels like social media and television, allowing her to expand her following. In this case, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood also acts as an advergame in the way that it allowed her to occupy space outside of her usual fan base and draw attention to her brand. 

kim kardashian holywood licenced game increasing following like a branded gameSource: The Next Web

Like any brand, in order to be successful, influencers need to develop a successful marketing strategy to increase their popularity. Branded games, being the best form of advertising, can therefore be a great tool for influencers looking to grow their following through brand awareness!

Just how popular is Kim Kardashian's game?

In a word — immensely! 

Released in 2014, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game:

kim kardashian making hollywood game using marketing strategy to increase followers Source: E Online

Kim Kardashian's game allowed her to connect with her followers in a different way than ever before. The popularity of her game also enabled her to grow her brand awareness with those who wouldn't necessarily be exposed to her brand otherwise, such people who enjoy playing games on their phones but can't be bothered to actively use social media.

What does this mean for your brand?

Whether you're looking to draw awareness to your corporate brand (your company) or your personal brand (your following), games are a great way to do so! They come with unique advantages that allow you to:

  • Educate with fun: Branded games allow you to combine the fun of a game with your brand’s message. Educate your customers in a way they'll never forget!
  • Connect with your audience: Branded games allows you to communicate with your customers in a way that they want to communicate with you. Mobile games alone accounted for more revenue than any other form of entertainment in 2017
  • Focus your message: Games enable players to achieve a meditative state called flow, which enables strong focus and seemingly makes time fly. Flow can only be achieved in activities that involve a lot of concentration and skill (like games).
  • Play with playfulness: By creating a fun medium in which customers want to interact with your brand, you can improve participation in promotions and drive attention to your brand. 
  • Broaden your reach: games are available on any mobile device and anyone can access them, at any time, from anywhere. 
  • Stay relevant: Games can grow alongside changes in your brand or your following. You can always add new levels, power-ups, and other content to keep your game going strong.

Looking to incorporate something more playful into your marketing strategy to grow brand awareness with your customers or followers? Turn your brand into a game!

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