Why a playful mentality is perfect for your promotional campaign

Jonathan Bailey

Written by Jonathan Bailey

 On 4/15/19 12:42 PM


Months of strategy, a couple of weeks of success, then back to the drawing board... Are you tired of spending months preparing the perfect promotional campaign for your products just for the campaign itself to last a fraction of that time? Or even worse, having to come up with an entirely new strategy for each promotional campaign you embark on?

These problems don’t need to be inherent to promotional campaigns. Your promotional campaigns can last longer, use a similar platform, and increase sales. We’re going to show you how using games to promote your brand and products will level up your promotional campaigns.

How games create longer-lasting campaigns


Games are fun

If you find it difficult to get consumers to participate in your promotional campaigns, then a game is a great way to change that. People love games because games bring a wide range of benefits to the player. Games have many health and social benefits, and they’re just flat-out fun.

Mobile gaming revenue is expected to see a 736% increase from 2012-2021 because more and more people are indulging in the delightful world of games. If your brand uses a game, your promotional campaign will instantly gain momentum because people are always willing to play!

Quality games last a long time

Gaining initial momentum is great, but remember, we’re leveling up your promotional campaign. So, we don’t just want people to play your game once or twice; we want them to stay engaged with the game and your brand for a long time.

A common advergame has no problem getting a player to play one or a few times. With an advergame, the player’s primary motivation is to win a free prize or discount, so once they obtain it, their motivation to keep playing significantly decreases. To get your consumers to not only participate, but stay engaged with your campaign for a long time, the key is to make a quality game that entices players to keep playing.

Candy Crush Saga demonstrates how a quality game keeps people engaged for a longer time. The game has been around for over 6 years now, and consumers still can’t get enough of it. Users have played 1.1 trillion rounds of the game since it initially launched, and it remains in the top-six for highest revenue-producing mobile games.

When you work with a company that knows how to make a quality game that captivates the player and represents your brand correctly, you know you’ve got a powerful tool for your promotional campaigns! Your campaigns will last longer because your costumers will want to keep playing.

How games level-up your customer base

When you give consumers the chance to play and engage with your brand, they'll become more loyal and more likely to promote your brand. 

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Games make consumers loyal to your brand

Using a game for your marketing strategy makes consumers more loyal to your brand because they increase your brand’s likability and trust. Likability is the most crucial factor in customer loyalty, and your game will take your brand’s likability over-the-top.

In marketing, there’s so much emphasis on creating the right content for the right people. It’s a logical approach, but it can be hard to achieve when your customer base is made up of all different kinds of people. The beauty of games is that they don’t fit a particular mold; they provide a unique experience to every single player.

So when the player engages with your game, it’s just them and your brand, interacting, communicating, and creating a connection. Provide that experience to your customer and your brand will become more likable.

Loyal customers promote your brand

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We can talk about effective marketing strategies all day, but the truth is, a customer will trust the advice of a friend over your brand’s advertising, any day of the week. 90% of people will believe a friend’s recommendation of a brand, so you want to elicit positive word of mouth the best you can.

When customers like your brand and become more loyal to it, they’ll become your biggest promoters. They’ll recommend your brand to their friends and start doing your marketing for you. That’s an excellent way to increase your sales!

How games give you control of your promotional campaigns

The best gaming companies will make the implementation and results-tracking of your promotional campaign an easy process for you. They’ll put the game on a platform that gives you valuable information and control. 

Prize distribution

What’s a promotional campaign without discounts or free products? Hint: not a very good one.

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So if you know you need to distribute your discounts and prizes, it’s best that you have control of how many you distribute and how you distribute them. When you implement your promotional campaign through a game, you’re able to decide these two crucial details.

Results tracking

Another frustrating aspect of typical promotional campaigns is being able to monitor effectiveness. You want to know if your promotional efforts are working well and that you’re achieving the ROI you want. When you turn your brand into a game, you need to have this feature, so that you know how your game is performing.

Games aren’t limited to one campaign

The best feature of all: A game is not a one-time thing! You can stop running back to the whiteboard after every promotional campaign. Keep the main elements of your game the same, but promote different products as your promotional campaigns change. Consumers can continue enjoying the game they fall in love with, but interact and win discounts for different products!

Stop struggling to come up with new promotional campaigns. It’s time to start creating more impactful campaigns without having to put in so much effort. Turn your brand into a game, and you’ll increase your efficiency and sales!