Why aren’t customers using your loyalty app?

Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

Written by Shannon Forbes - Digifianz Marketing Analyst

 On 6/21/19 11:44 AM


Does your company have a great loyalty app that’s languishing in the interweb?  Do customers download your app for a deal, only to immediately delete it once they’ve received the promised reward?  We all have precious little space on our phones and your app has to provide a real reason for consumers to come back, or you risk the virtual chopping block.

Loyalty apps are boring 

Let’s face it, most brand apps are pretty boring.  If the only purpose of the app is for the customer is to obtain a reward, they will likely delete it once it’s served its purpose.  Case in point: 78% of consumers report they’re retracting from loyalty programs at a faster pace than 3 years ago.   

If you’re struggling to keep customers engaged with your app, you need to give them an incentive to return to your app over and over again.  


Surprisingly, rewards aren’t enough to keep consumers interested.  50% of consumers leave their transactional loyalty program accounts inactive and hundreds of millions in discounts go unclaimed!  Loyalty programs fail because of confusing rewards systems and difficult-to-use points, not to mention, customers forgetting that they’re even enrolled in your program.

Gamification doesn't work

Many different industries have attempted to incorporate gamification into their marketing tactics, but merely turning loyalty into a competition is not enticing for consumers.  

Here’s the thing, gamification, without the fun of games, simply doesn’t work.

Gamification is like your boss telling you that you’re going to compete against everyone on your team to see who can turn in the most projects on time.  Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s not fun and it might even strain your relationship with your coworkers (hint: it will).

Incorporate an advergame

One of the most successful means of increasing customer engagement with your app - and therefore, your brand - is incorporating an advergame (advertising game) directly into your company’s app!

Not only do customers spend more time interacting with your brand when they “play” it, they also have a higher-quality experience when connecting through a game.  


An advergame is a novel means of engaging customers.  Consumers appreciate a non-traditional approach to marketing, especially if it means that the company went to great lengths to entertain them.  

Video games provide a fun experience for your consumers, which, in turn, leads to a positive association with your brand.  

Optimize interaction with your brand

Not only can you incorporate an advergame directly into your app, you can virtually “connect” it to your loyalty program.  First, you can offer limited product discounts that consumers can win by playing your advergame. Offering deals when customers first start playing your advergame increases excitement and downloads.  

But you don’t have to burn through your budget by constantly offering customers deals.  The second way to connect your advergame and loyalty program is by offering virtual goods as part of your loyalty program rewards.  This may sounds like a strange concept, but virtual goods are extremely popular. Amazingly, virtual goods is a $50 billion industry!  


You may not have considered an advergame before, but consumers clearly like them.  Take a look at the stats from one of our latest advergames, Spin & Win, which was integrated into a loyalty app.  Over a 28-day period, app retention among game players was 10 times higher than non-game players.  Moreover, game players stayed in the loyalty app for almost double the amount of time, per session, of non-players.

Clearly, advergames encourage consumers to open your app more often and use it longer, all the while interacting with your brand.